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Insight - Meditation Course

A four-day retreat and workshop for beginners
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25 – 28 June
Rozdziele – 65km away from Cracow (Poland)

Unique place

Where we stay matters. For five days we are able to recover among the peaceful mountains and forests. These are ideal conditions not only for relaxation but also for insight into yourself.


Learn many different meditation techniques to find the one that suits you best. During the retreat, under the guidance of an instructor, you will experience both formal and dynamic meditations.


There are many myths and distortions around meditation. You will learn what meditation is and what it is not. You will dispel any doubts and receive support in your practice during and after the retreat.


Find your answers to the questions which are bothering you while being immersed in a unique space and meditation practice.

Mindfulness not only helps to relax the body and mind but overall allows you to discover yourself. Scientific research confirms the opinion of hundreds of thousands of people who use this method to maintain internal balance in everyday life. During the retreat, you will learn effective meditation techniques, dispel your doubts and meet people for whom self-actualization is a great value.


Enhance mental clarity, emotional balance & productivity

Maintain high energy & alertness throughout the day

Eliminate stress, fear and anxiety

Achieve joy, tranquility and fulfillment

Find relief from chronic ailments including allergies, insomnia, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and back pain

Meet people for whom the development of their own personality is important


What to expect?

Mountains and forests

Individual consultations  

Space for yourself

Small group 



Organic food 

Noble silence

For some part of the retreat, we will refrain from talking to others.

Dynamic meditation and yoga

Dynamic meditation will strengthen your mindfulness at daily performing to bring balance to real life.

Meditation as a science-based mind work technique

During the retreat, you will learn the very technique of working with the mind. You will not find any dogmas, beliefs or rituals. We will provide a nice atmosphere, but the techniques themselves have been tested by MBSR and MBCT in Great Britain and the United States.

Individual approach

Each participant will have a chance for a private meeting with the instructor to dispel their doubts.

Retreat program


Sector I Meditations:

  • Introduction to meditation
  • Anapanasati meditation
  • Insight meditation
  • Metta meditation

Sektor II Work on the body and mindfulness:

  • Dinamic meditatoins
  • Yoga
  • Walking meditation
  • Mindfulness class

Sektor III Dodatkowo:

  • Relaxation and calming techniques
  • Group discussion
  • Individual consultations
  • Introduction to working with a metaphor
  • Lecture „independent everyday practice”.

Price 720£ includes:

– 4 days of workshops,
– accommodation in a unique place on the top of a mountain,
– 3 vegetarian meals a day,
– additional materials,
– consultation after the workshop,
– surprise.

Michał Kutzner

is a person full of positive energy, who most values ​​the desire to get to know himself and the world around him better. He has many years of experience in running Mindfulness courses and emotional intelligence training. Michal is also a licensed life coach and counselor with experience exceeding 1100 hours.
Is a leader and owner of the rapidly growing Open Meditation project.

In his work, he combines transpersonal psychology, gestalt psychotherapy, non-duality concepts and bodywork using yoga philosophy. The application of the abovementioned fields allows for a holistic view of man, and thus comprehensive assistance in resolving emotional conflicts and achieving intended goals.

You can find more about Michal on his blog: www.michalkutzner.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

>> I’ve never been to the Tęczowa Dolina (retreat place). How do I get there? 

After booking, you will receive from us the exact address with GPS coordinates and directions for public transport. 


>> I’m going to the workshop with my wife, can we live in the same room? 

Women and men will live separately during the retreat.
This principle serves to make better use of the workshop and to assimilate meditative practice.


>> I am allergic to lactose. Can I order dishes without milk? 

Yes, meals will be vegetarian, and on special request vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free meals will be prepared. To order non-vegetarian meals, please contact: omteacher@gmail.com


>> What should I bring with me to the retreat? 

It is worth taking comfortable clothes (e.g. sports clothes). Take a towel too. Meditation pillows and yoga mats will be available. Clean bedding will also be offered.


> > Can I use the internet during the retreat?

All participants will be asked not to use any electronic devices, notebooks or books during the workshop (from Thursday 5:00 p.m. to Sunday 5:00 p.m.). This is to help calm down and make better use of the conditions offered.

* in an emergency, you can use the phone in a specially designated place. 



>> What is the accommodation for participants? 

There will be rooms for 2, 3 and 4 persons. Accommodation will be distributed according to the order of reservation. For an additional fee it is possible to sleep in the single room.


Sign up for the retreat

Rozdziele town, 25 – 28 of June

(14 places left)

To make a reservation:

1. Complete and send the application form,

2. Make a non-returnable advance payment – 80 £ to the account:

Name: Michal Kutzner
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Transfer title: „Name and Surname + Insight-June 2020” *

* Reservation takes place upon receipt of the advance.

** If the workshop did not take place, the advance will be returned to the sender’s account.

An email confirming your participation in the event will be sent to your email address

Contact form:

    If you want to come with us, but the price is an obstacle for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will find a solution.


    e-mail: omteachers@gmail.com
    phone: +44 07564 509061 

    Open Meditation

    Our mission is high-quality education and creating space for profound self-development.